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 About the Festival            

FOCUS Film Festival explores documentary and narrative films that celebrate diversity and inclusion. Our vision is of a community that embraces diversity, not as difference, but as a blend of varied and valuable contributions.

The Festival is a project of Far Northern Regional Center, a non-profit organization that provides services and supports to people with developmental disabilities and their families. The Festival is funded through grants and community donations. 

The annual Festival is held in October in Chico, and single screening events are held throughout the year in Chico, Redding, Quincy, Paradise, and Red Bluff.

The Team (click the photo for staff bios)

Mary Ann Weston Natallie Norris  Maxwell Perkins  Liz Bowen 
Mary Ann Weston  
Festival Director
Natalie Norris
PR Account Lead
Tehama Group Comm.
Maxwell Perkins
PR Graphic Design
Tehama Group Comm.  
Liz Bowen
PR Account Executive
Tehama Group Comm.
Anne Stanley  Ashley Allison  Anthony Peters  Danny Hernandez
Anne Stanley
PR Account Executive
Tehama Group Comm.
Ashley Allison
PR Account Executive
Tehama Group Comm.
Anthony Peters
Copy Editor
Tehama Group Comm.
Danny Hernandez
FFF Graphic Designer
Charilyn Jones  Cory Smith  Meghean Skinner  Kirt Owen Lind
Charilyn Conn
Film Selection Coord.
Cory Smith
Meghean Skinner
Kirt Owen Lind
Audio/Visual Engineer

Lauren Fisher  Charlotte Jones  Mike Hanson  Lauren Leisz
Lauren Fisher  
Sales Manager
Charlotte Jones
Guest Liaison
Mike Hanson
Technical Support 
Lauren Leisz   
Audio Describer




FOCUS Film Festival, PO Box 492418, Redding, CA 96049-3418 (530) 221-9530, maweston@farnorthernrc.org